Operational Excellence

What we do

We design and improve organizations’ structure, improve process flows, make recommendations on technological solutions and manage their implementation. We perform capacity planning analysis, identifying gaps, recommending changes to balance the volume of work, thus, avoiding bottlenecks and unnecessary stocks. We also lead outsourcing and insourcing processes, and volume migration between different locations.


Detailed flowcharts including description of the responsibilities of each position. Optimized process flows. Staffing studies of the areas. Recommendations of available technological solutions for automation and/or digitalization of processes. Planning and management of implementation of outsourcing, insourcing and volume migration initiatives.


Organizational structures with clear responsibilities, designed to meet the requirements of internal and external customers, which contain strong controls and contribute to a better process flow. We recommend solid and agile operating processes that provide the best product or service for the customers, employing suitable technology to each organization. We also perform end-to-end project management, ensuring the monitoring of activities and removing obstacles to fulfill the proposed goals.