Leadership Teams Development

What we do

We put together a diagnostic of the team environment and effectiveness, through existing elements and/or different proven methodologies, focused on a diverse spectrum of aspects, like communication, leadership, teamwork, decision-making, among others. We also support the team in the design of action plans that positively impact their leadership and environment, thus channeling their energy in those key strong areas to continue to build on and those to be improved upon.


A report that reflects the current situation in the organization or team, displaying strengths and areas of opportunity regarding different aspects of the team’s experience. We then have a team session to go over the findings and help the team put together an action plan which will then have a positive impact in the team’s climate, their productivity and the organization’s performance.


Knowing the current state of affairs in terms of the team’s effectiveness, which allows them to identify the priority areas on which to base an effective action plan. Therefore, the team focuses on those actions that will positively impact the organization, and minimizes investment in those that do not require priority focus. At the same time, from the employee standpoint, the feeling of being heard and considered as a change agent increases engagement and loyalty towards the organization.